Beating the Pandemic Blues: Ignite Your Spark and Reclaim 2020


We caught up with Stephanie Barros, High Performance Coach, Author and Facilitator, on beating the pandemic blues to reclaim your personal power and potential.

No doubt it’s been a turbulent time in the world. But the one thing I know from my experience of coaching and mentoring individuals and teams is that if we keep managing our attitudes and moving things forward, no matter where we are, at home or out and about we continue to achieve. Personally, I’m STILL locked down, but STILL fired up!

I fear that this pandemic and the world’s turbulence is STOPPING so many peoples’ ENJOYMENT of life.  Worse, it’s HALTING their progress. Most people are thinking WAY too SHORT TERM right now.  They’re grasping at comfort, they distract themselves online, on socials, on Netflix and television and news. They’re blowing entire DAYS and WEEKS.

They keep “waiting” for better times without realizing the power of THIS moment.

But there are ways we can progress and work towards our aspirations, potential and purpose, whether we are in lockdown, at home or out and about.

While each of us has been affected differently, some are losing jobs and businesses and dreams and relationships in this pandemic, the way we deal with the situation, how we own it, are all things we can influence and will shape our outcomes.

#1 Own Your Agenda

In the past few weeks, have you felt like your daily agenda and overall life direction has been of your own choosing?

If your answer is Yes – awesome, staying true to yourself and your own path or mission is a mark of greatness and personal freedom!

If your answer is No – that’s not surprising, particularly given our current environment.

But you don’t have to let quarantine distance you from your dreams. You can still create purpose, and move forward.

# 2 Reclaim Your Day

What percentage of your day is given to meaningful activities versus non-meaningful activities? How do you define meaningful activities? If you could wave a wand and design more meaningful or fulfilling days, what’s one or two things that would be part of that day? What’s one or two things you’d cut out?

Even in the most trying of times, how we spend our days is leading to a particular kind of destiny.  So, we must forge our days towards something that matters to us.

# 3 Set & Own Your Goals

What goal would you have to hit in the next 90 days if you absolutely knew you were making real progress in the right direction?

What area would you be skilling up? Would you remain disciplined for your learning, health, and mission?

You have the full personal power and potential to reshape your attitudes right now. If you haven’t fully upgraded your personal habits, your routines to those that make you happy and fulfilled and exceptional, join our workshop.

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Join us to reclaim 2020 to keep achieving to your potential and reclaim your goals and aspirations.

Stephanie Barros, High Performance Coach I Facilitator I Speaker and International Best-selling Author