IWD: Breaking the chains of modern slavery – a whirlwind event with echoes of pandemic

It was a touch and go moment when pandemic uprise was upon us as to whether we would even have an International Women’s Day luncheon but I am so glad that once again our network of sponsors, members, speakers and all round supporters showed up; whether that be in physically joining us for lunch or for the pre luncheon support we received – Thank you!

It seems almost an age ago (as with most things pre COVID-19), when we celebrated our Sydney and Melbourne International Women’s Day with the topic of ‘Modern Slavery’. If you haven’t heard of this before our speakers Belinda Ramirez in Sydney and Richenda Vermuelen in Melbourne certainly captivated (yes captivated even during a pandemic!) our audiences, opened our eyes, ears and hearts to this very topic. They explored the hard truths, the impact and the ways we can together raise awareness and support. Their volunteering stories struck many a chord but most chillingly the darker side role that technology plays in modern child slavery. Also heartening was the panel conversations from our panellists (Alison Turner – Psychotherapist, Merle Singer – Researcher and Jacqui Kernot – FITT Chair) on the ways in which we can bring authenticity into our workplace and what our technology organisations and individuals can do – there are lots!

Thank you once again for another great year with FITT’s IWD, this topic was such an engaging topic as many of you expressed ways in which we could further help to connect. You can find below the contacts and as always, please do reach out to us via our website if there’s any topics, connections and program support you need.


Article by FitT Marketing Lead Trang Dao