COVID-19 – Prison or Paradise?

Colleen Maguire

Australia Services Solution Strategy Lead, Microsoft

I am definitely a “glass half full” person and although I have encountered many struggles through these unusual times from home schooling, caring for aged parents and just simply dealing with the stress of the unknown, I now find wondering if I want this new lifestyle to end?

Absolutely it needs to end. But I don’t want my life to back to what I thought was “normal”.  In reflecting over the last 8 weeks these are my four commitments I am making to myself.

“We are human beings, not human doings” – Deepak Chopra

I am the only person who owns my time. I cannot buy it, sell it or get it back. I am tried of hearing myself say I am “too busy”. So if this is one of my most precious commodities I need to use it well spend it on what is most important to ME.

I got caught in the panic at the start of COVID-19 in regards to stocking up in non-perishables. However a stop at my local green grocer in the first week of lockdown, I discovered that fresh produce is all we need to survive. It’s local, its supporting our community and there are no supply chain issues. Not to mention the health and vitality benefits          

WFH = Extra Hours. No commuting into the city, no travel and sleeping away from home.

So I eat breakfast with my kids most days. But my highlight is the compulsory family dog walk and our sit down family dinners every night. With all things digital, I am choosing to catch up with lifelong BFF’s and not just socializing for entertainment.

If the Australian bush fires were not a wake up call then COVID definitely is. Our environment is tired of our continues abuse. The things we have taken for granted.

Hope you find your paradise at the end of this dark tunnel.