FitT Executive Corner: Cloe Wang

Cloe Wang
ICT Project Manager at Monash Health

I’m Cloe Wang, a volunteer FitT Account Executive since May 2019. I’m originally from China, but studied in New Zealand and then fell in love with Melbourne, even the cold rainy days, so it’s my home now. As an ICT Project Manager, I do more than pulling a plan together. I love assisting people in transforming and adapting new technologies to make both life and work more effective and efficient.

I’m a mum to a 4-year-old, and I’m really driven to help women who return after a career break or want to get into the workplace to gain confidence and stay connected. I originally joined FitT because I want to help create a voice for women in ICT and drive the gender diversity agenda in Australia.

I have been inspired by my mentor Nigel, who shared the story about a Roman soldier who used his wisdom to convince everyone on the island to evacuate, and when the invaders came, they only found it empty. This has helped me to believe that we can all make the impossible possible.