FitT Executive Corner: Jana D’Labaya

Jana D’Labaya

Product Marketing Team Manager at Telstra

Jana is a Product Marketing Team Manager at Telstra. She has worked in the marketing field across the UK and Australia in a range of industries including Financial Services, NFP and IT & Telecommunications working at Royal Bank of Scotland, Macquarie Bank and Telstra.

Jana is passionate about diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and is a member of Telstra’s Brilliant Connected Women and has participant in FitT’s Mentoring program both as a mentee and mentor. She’s an avid supporter of women in innovation and entrepreneurship and is a SheEO Activator, supporting female founders focusing on UN Sustainability Goals.

Inspired by those challenging gender stereotypes, Jana is a huge fan of Code Like a Girl and Talu Tales encouraging more girls into STEMM at a grassroot level, and bringing a female perspective to blue chip industries like superannuation, with Verve. Australia’s first super fund for women.

Jana joined FitT last May as an Account Executive and has recently taken up the role of Strategy Lead. You can contact Jana to suggest any new activities you’d like to see at FitT at