FitT Mentoring Program

In May, our 2020 Mentoring Program participants graduated from the program, and we welcomed mentors and mentees to our virtual graduation ceremony where individual experiences, highlights and personal success stories were shared. We also received some fantastic feedback that will help us continually improve the program.

We look forward to launching the 2021 program in August! The program will run over six months, and mentees and mentors will participate in a combination of networking events and online learning opportunities, as well one-to-one mentoring sessions. Mentees and mentors are matched based on their area of expertise, their seniority, and highlighted development/strength areas, while taking into account sensitivities around competing organisations and conflicts.

The program is ideal for members who have a genuine interest in professional and personal growth, have a commitment to learning, and are open and receptive to receiving feedback and coaching. Our fantastic mentors give their time freely and bring with them strong interpersonal skills, industry knowledge, and extensive insights and experience. 

Through the program, mentees can gain the opportunity to:

• Get broader perspectives about the industry to enhance their knowledge
• Have relevant, timely and insightful career conversations
• Enhance understanding of how to build effective relationships and networks
• Develop soft skills including personal leadership capabilities and resilience to change

Our mentors also receive professional development from the program as they gain direct exposure to, and perspective on some of the challenges faced by more junior employees across the industry, while strengthening their own leadership and coaching capabilities.

We look forward to welcoming the 2021 cohort in August! Visit our Mentoring page for dates and details about the program.