Motorola Solutions Grad Girls Virtual Event

We have all been there before, being a graduate figuring out our ways of transitioning from university into a career in ICT, which can be tricky if not challenging. Historically, the industry has lost women into other careers at this point when they are unable to connect with potential employers and available opportunities.

ANZ Inclusion & Diversity made it a commitment to participate in Grad Girls, a program run by Vic ICT for Women designed to help open up opportunities for these young women and connect them to potential employers.

On 7th August, the ANZ Inclusion & Diversity council pulled together a fantastic event! The committee led by Suma Ibrahimi worked behind the scenes for months, planning and coordinating despite the constraints and constant changes with the recent pandemic. The event brought together Motorolans from across our organisation, sharing their personal career journeys and their passion, and the importance of working with a technology company that contributes back to the community we live in and keeping it safe was so important to them personally.

I quote my dear friend Steve Marriott who was one of the panellists, “we are the triple zero for the triple zero services”.

We had 32 participants registered for the virtual event. From fascinating titbits on a Motorola Solutions developed antenna worn by Neil Armstrong during his moon walk, our Mission Critical Systems to our support of female graduates in STEM, it was an electrifying night with engaged Grad Girls participants.

Connie Yu, who recently joined the ANZ Finance team, shares her experience as a guest during the event.

“It’s a special opportunity to meet people virtually through the Grad Girls event during the lockdown as a new staff member and obtain a deeper understanding of Motorola Solutions. It is very inspiring to see how we make a difference to the society and how our technology can influence people’s daily life. Through the event, I was able to reflect how I can contribute in my own way as part of the finance team to support our stakeholders more effectively and efficiently. The career advice shared to the girls in this event was also extremely valuable to me, which encouraged me to think a bit more than daily work as a young woman in my early stage of my career”.

Last year, Simran Dhonchik (KellyOCG Australia) won the lucky draw prize to shadow a Motorolan for a day. She joins us this month in our Intern program. I invited Simran to share her experience this year, being both a Grad Girls participant and a Motorola Solutions intern.

“As a Grad Girl last year, I found the session with Motorola Solutions really inspiring. The highlights for me included learning how work at Motorola Solutions is associated with helping people who help people, how innovative solutions are built by experienced individuals with different backgrounds, and exposure at how Motorola Solutions products were used by public safety and fitted in the police vehicles at the Burwood East office. This year, I attended the session virtually as a Grad Girl and an Intern. It was great to hear from the esteemed speakers who emphasised the importance of being authentic, and challenging yourself as feeling uncomfortable in a work situation is often a sign of growth. With Winnie and Elise’s tips on putting your best self forward in job interviews, all of us Grad Girls gained valuable insight into commencing our STEM careers. Learning about how the organisation is playing a key role in the evolution of communication technology, especially for public safety was enlivening and I’m looking forward to growing through this journey as an intern”.

I look forward to what the council will do next year and a special call out to the organising committee.

Grad Girls Program

The 2021 Grad Girls applications open in November. To find out more head to over to the Grad Girls page. (

Article by Sharen Sidhu at Motorola Solutions