The FitT Mentoring Program

Well, it wasn’t long ago and earlier this year that everyone’s lives changed quite a bit, and what would have been crazy and unheard of in our lifetime so far is now a new norm. With changes as drastic as those we’ve faced, it’s important to keep some things stable. At FitT, we’ve been able to maintain our momentum in our programs, one of those being the Mentoring Program that kicked off this year in July.

FitT Mentoring

Close to 30 matches were made during this year’s program, which addresses goals such as setting a career path, leadership development, managing politics, or communicating to senior leaders, amongst others. Our mentees and mentors took a commitment to each other to connect regularly over the course of the program to address mentee goals.

The Mentoring Program runs in parallel with FitT’s e-workshops to ensure maximum effectiveness whilst allowing our member network to hone in on some key areas of development. We’ve always championed connection and learning at FitT, and this program really brings together these two sentiments.

If you have thought about getting started with mentoring, you can learn more about our program on our Mentoring page or reach out to us now and we’d be delighted to advise what this program can do for your career. Mentoring is always a fundamental aspect in growing careers and self-development, not to mention access to senior industry members, and is a great way to increase your network today.