The Reshaping Australia Dialogues

Microsoft recently partnered with the Australian Financial Review to unite some of Australia’s most respected leaders for a thoughtful examination of how this unprecedented health and economic crisis is transforming the way we live, work, govern, learn and do business.

The Reimagine Series aims to spark new thinking and ideas across societal, economic, business and people factors that could inform and influence the reimagination of your business in 2020 and beyond.­­­

Session 1: Recalibrating Society

What have we just been through? What have we learned? And how can we work together to embrace new technology and collectively deal with the challenges of the 21st century? How can we rebuild a more inclusive and sustainable society?

Session 2: Revitalising The Economy

What is the path to recovery for Australia’s economy? Will we return to business – and policy – as usual, as we have after past crises? Or is the current crisis a catalyst for a genuinely new economic approach? How important will digital transformation be in shaping our nation’s revival?

Session 3: Rethinking Work

The success of the working from home experiment is challenging employers and employees to rethink the future of work. Will we witness the end of “the office” and the 9-to-5 working day? Is the future of work about freeing up humans?

Session 4: Reinventing Education

The past six months have triggered more fundamental change in education than we have seen in the past century. What have we learned about education, and how will it inform our approach to training the citizens and workers of the future?

Session 5: Revaluing Health

COVID-19 has transformed our health system, with technology-enabled services like telehealth, remote monitoring, systematic testing, and location data tracking looking set to become permanent realities. What will our healthcare model look like in 5 years?

Session 6: Reimaging Business

In this dialogue, facilitated by Tony Boyd, we will discuss the global impact of the pandemic on the business world, the changes it has wrought, and the choices and opportunities that come in its wake.