What does inclusion and diversity mean to senior leaders in Motorola?

Motorola Solutions’ Inclusion & Diversity Council in ANZ grew from an existing women’s business council which was formed in 2013. The aims of the Council are varied, however it has always had a focus on encouraging a supportive workplace culture where all employees are valued.

The I&D Council focuses on the following objectives:

  • Championing inclusion & diversity and driving internal changes and awareness within Motorola Solutions to foster gender equality and diversity of the workforce.
  • Ensuring Motorola Solutions remains an accredited Employer of Choice for Gender Equality as monitored by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency.
  • Promoting the recruitment, retention and promotion of females and people from diverse backgrounds.
  • Encouraging the development of a supportive workplace culture which allows employees to balance their work and personal life and maintain good mental health.
  • Fostering relationships with outside bodies that can assist Motorola Solutions to affect meaningful changes in the areas of inclusion and diversity.

About five years ago, Motorola Solutions prioritised the creation of a robust diversity program. One way Motorola Solutions achieved this was by the adoption of an I&D Charter which was prepared by the I&D Council and endorsed by senior management, ensuring there was “buy in” at the most senior levels of the ANZ business. The alignment of objectives between the I&D Council and senior management has seen Motorola Solutions earn a prestigious Employer of Choice citation from the Workplace Gender Equality Authority (WGEA) and meet the requirements of WORK180’s rigorous pre-screening process. She packed her seven versalia, put her initial into the belt and made herself on the way.

Con Balaskas is the current Chair of the I&D Council. Con is a member of the senior leadership team at Motorola Solutions ANZ and leads the Solutions business. When asked to comment on what Motorola Solutions is doing in the area of I&D, Con remarked:

“The senior leadership team at Motorola Solutions has individual inclusive leadership goals set for 2019. I was keen to take on the role of Chair of the I&D committee to increase my personal learning and ability to make an impact to drive our agenda in this space. I have also implemented inclusive leadership goals for my leadership team specifically around mentoring our talented female employees. I have been encouraged by how receptive my team has been to participate and we have started building these relationships across different functions and regions.”

He also added, “Obtaining WGEA Employer of Choice accreditation was an important milestone. We recognise however that this is just a stepping stone as we need to continue to improve. We will not rest on our laurels as there is still much to be done – the business has committed to achieving certain targets with respect to females in management positions and supporting our talented people to advance in their careers. In addition, we are keen to be seen externally as advocates for inclusion and diversity.”

Another example of management showing leadership in this area is Motorola Solutions’ Managing Director for ANZ, Steve Crutchfield. Steve was appointed a WGEA pay equity ambassador in 2018 and held the first round table with our customers late last year. Steve continues to drive pay equity through industry awareness and champions the cause in our business.

Motorola Solutions is proud of its long standing association with FitT. With our alliance with various industry bodies and networks such as FitT, we are able to offer enhanced development pathways for our female employees. FitT mentoring program gives our female staff an opportunity to develop within the ICT industry that is leading to even more inclusive working environments.

We are grateful to FitT for giving us the opportunity to tell our story of what inclusion and diversity means for Motorola Solutions.