Work180 Feature: Women in STEMM & Equality Talks

Renee Noble

Executive director of the Girls’ Programming Network

More and more women are finding a career in STEMM to be exciting, challenging and rewarding, however women still remain underrepresented in the STEMM workforce in Australia. Getting more women into STEMM is a societal and economic imperative for Australia, helping to future proof our workforce and ensuring innovations are gender balanced.  This article speaks to Aussie women in STEMM about  their career journeys, goals and advice.

Equality Talks Episode Seven: Women in STEM, the Girls’ Programming Network and Unconscious Bias

WORK180 speaks to Renee Noble, the executive director of the Girls’ Programming Network, a software engineer at EdTech company Grok Learning, and recently named in the Australia Financial Review’s 100 Women of Influence. Renee is passionate about making coding education exciting and accessible to everyone. She strives to create scalable content and methods for including girls, women and people from other under-represented gender groups.